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Wake up your lawn after a long winter, and encourage new growth in sparse areas. We recommend this at the beginning of the season as it removes packed-down dead grass and is a good way to prepare for over-seeding.


Annual aeration is a great way to ensure your lawn is lush and rich. We use a special machine to create many small holes in the lawn, which allow the nutrients buried deep in the soil to come up to the surface and nourish your grass. It’s also recommended before over-seeding.


A great way to make your lawn full and lush – we recommend combining this service with a thatch or aeration, which will open the lawn and allow seeds the best chance to flourish.


We take great pride in our sod – instead of purchasing it from a big box store or even a local farm, we place an order directly from the manufacturer so we can pick it up right after it’s been cut. By using the highest-quality sod and installing it the same day it’s cut, we ensure exceptional results. Since there’s no middle man, we also offer the most competitive pricing in the area – your sod will be cut in the morning, and by the evening you’ll have the lawn you always dreamed of for a very reasonable price.

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Lawn Maintenance Services

In addition to sodding, thatching, aeration, and over-seeding, we offer regular maintenance to keep your lawn in excellent shape.

  • We mow in a different cutting pattern each week to ensure your lawn grows evenly and still has those picture-perfect stripes.
  • We also weed-whack all areas along fences, sidewalks, curbs, buildings, and any other spots our mowers can’t reach.
  • Edging is just as important as weed-whacking – we make sure there are clean lines along the sidewalks, curbs, walkways, steps, driveway, and edges of the property.
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